Photo Collage Varies with device

Source:David Erosa

Arrange your photos beautifully with Collage.

Convert your photos collection into amazing collages only limited by your imagination. Don't feel like an artist today? No problem: Shake your phone and Collage will randomly rearrange your photos for you!

A tutorial will guide you into your first steps with Collage.

You DON'T need multitouch or high-end hardware. Collage will work nicely even on low-end devices and it is specifically designed to be used with only one finger.

- Load images from the gallery or any other file explorer.
- Take photos with your camera and add them directly to your collage.
- Add stamps to give your collage a funny touch! Collage now includes more than 100!
- Decorate your collages with funny stamps. More than 100 to choose from!
- You can make your collages in portrait or landscape mode! Collage will save the image with the correct rotation.
- The images are decorated with a border. Even transparent!
- The background can be set to an image.
- You can change the background and border color.
- Can also change border's width.
- Save the collage in high resolution (higher than the screen!)
- Share your collage using all your phone's sharing applications: twitter, facebook, gmail, bluetooth...
- Have a problem or suggestion? Mail us using the menu key!

Please, contact us if you have any problem instead of just giving a bad rating! We are willing to help you get Collage running!

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